The Gents “Big Trophy” Restored

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Created more than fifty years ago, the Gents Auto Club “Big Trophy” was in a sorry state of disrepair.  Gents member and master crafstman Rick Sawyer took on the task of meticulous restoration of the five-foot wood and metal trophy to bring it back to its former glory.  Great job Rick!

Andy’s 1939 Model 75 Cadillac Coupe

1939 Cadillac Model 75 Coupe


 Long time Gents member Andy Terris just took delivery of this beautiful 1939 model 75 Caddy business coupe and it’s a show stopper.  This beauty is powered by a genuine Cadillac engine (fully dressed) and comes with all of the modern  performance and creature comforts one could desire.   You just don’t see one of these every day.