The object of this organization shall be to promote safe and sportsmanlike driving practices on the streets and highways. To conduct engine reliability tests under the proper supervision and off the streets and highways. To stimulate interest in the appearance, operation, ownership, and enjoyment of the automobile. We also acquaint the public with the functions of organized hot rod clubs while showing them the joys of motoring as a sport as well as just a means of transportation.



  • A. The auto club will be known as “THE GENTS AUTO CLUB”.
  • B. The objective of the organization will be as stated in the preamble.


  • A. President: This officer shall preside over all meetings and be responsible for all activities and the places where club functions are held. He may request reports from various committee heads and periodically audit the books of the Treasury.
  • B. Vice President: This officer shall in the absence of the President, preside over all club activities and assist the President with the roll call at the beginning of each meeting and keep an accurate record of all members attendance.
  • C. Secretary: This officer shall keep records of the minutes of all club meetings and read the minutes of the preceding week or meeting. Secretary Committee shall also notify members and prospective member of the time and place of all meetings and functions.
  • D. Treasurer:   This officer shall receive and keep all funds of the club and pay out only at the request of the President or Vice President. This officer shall make weekly reports of all receipts and debts.
  • E. Sargent at Arms: It shall be the duty of this officer to maintain order at all club functions and meetings. This officer is responsible for levying fines for persons that talk-out of turn, arrive 15 minutes late to a meeting, or use profane language during a meeting. It is also the duty to collect these fines.
  • F. Property Manager: The duty of this officer is to keep a complete and accurate list of all club property such as plaques, tools, etc. His duty is also to see that all belongings of the club be returned when a member drops from the club membership or is expelled from membership. This office is permanent as long as the person is a member of the club. These belongings include plaques, shirts, pins, and jackets.
  • G. Inspection Committee: This committee consists of (3) Club members and (1) committee chairman. They shall be responsible for checking cars for plaques, safety equipment and issuing points during inspections. They shall also serve as board of grievance during membership disputes.




  • A. No member shall hold any one office twice in the period of one year.
  • B. Offices shall be held for no longer than six months with the exception of Treasurer. The Office of Treasurer shall be for a period of one year.




  • A. Any officer may be impeached at the discretion of the members of the club.
  • B. Meetings shall be held weekly on Sunday at the hour of seven P.M. at a specified place. At each meeting (10) gallons of gas will be given to a member. This member must be present at the meeting and a drawing will determine the winner.
  • C. If deemed necessary, the President may call special meetings.
  • D. All members not present at a meeting that was properly scheduled must have contacted one of the Officers before the meeting and have a logical excuse for absence.




  • A. An initiation fee of $5.00 shall be paid upon admission to the club. This fee covers the first month’s dues, plaque deposit, membership card, decals (2), and courtesy cards (25).
  • B. If a member drops from the club and is not in good standing due to missing meetings, functions, or not paying dues. He must return his plaque and will receive $1.75 for it. (All plaques will be purchased back for $1.75).


Membership in the club will be granted to those persons who meet the following requirements.

  1. Prospective members must have a valid driver’s license.
  2. Prospective members must abide by the Constitution and By Laws of the club here-in contained.
  3. Prospective members must have been sponsored by an official member of the club.
  4. All prospective members must attend (5) meetings in a row and fill out an official application form before being voted on for membership. This form must be filled out the first night of attendance of a meeting. In a case where a prospective member cannot attend the required meetings in a row, he can split the meetings. This can be done only with a valid excuse.
  5. Prospective members receiving (10%) of the members in attendance, no vote are not eligible for membership. This person may apply again for membership in (6) months, and is still asked in by an existing member. Another alternative for the prospective member, who has been voted down, is to contact the member sponsoring him who in turn will present his case to the Safety and Inspection Committee. This committee will review the case and give the final decision.


Any member may have his membership revoked if he is found in violation of any of the rules.

  1. Any member that misses (3) meetings in a row, unless he notifies an officer of the club by phone, mail, or in person and gives a valid excuse.
  2. DUES AND FINES – If a member fails in payment of dues and fines for more than sixty days, he will be warned thirty days in advance, and if the still has not paid what he owes he will be dropped from the club on terms of bad standings.
  3. TRAFFIC VIOLATIONS – If a member receives more than (2) moving traffic violations within (45) days it will result in immediate dismissal from the club. The sum of 10% if any traffic will be paid to the club. (of any traffic fine will be paid to the club)
  4. Any member may have his membership by a three fourths vote of the majority of the present membership at a sanctioned meeting.



  1. The Gents Auto Club will back any single drag race at the Deer Park Drag Strip or any other sanctioned strip to the amount of $100.00 if the motion is passed by a three fourths vote of the members (On chance of winning).
  2. A months free dues will be given to any member who wins a trophy at a sanctioned drag strip, a winner of an Auto Show trophy will receive (2) months free dues. In order to qualify you must be running a Gents sign or have it clearly printed on the side of the winning car.
  3. All free dues subject to vote and change of the club.



  1. Any member who is caught drinking at a mandatory function or meeting will be fined $10.00. This also includes those who come to functions already drunk.
  2. A $.50 cent fine will be levied on any member leaving a meeting or function. ($.50 cent per gear).



REVISED 2/6/68